Keller Williams renovates apartments in Chatman Hill for RED Day

(Source: KCBD)
(Source: KCBD)
Rachael Rudder (Source: KCBD)
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Keller Williams Realty was renovating the Coronado Project on East 28th Street as part of their annual RED Day.

RED stands for renewing, energizing and donating to Lubbock communities.

Keller Williams agents were busy at work renovating the building that will serve as the community center for the area.

The Coronado Project is a privately funded, low-income housing organization that takes in homeless families to give them a new way of living.

Frank Morrision is the president of the Coronado Project and works hard to give people in his care quality lives.

He says Keller Williams has blessed them beyond measure today.

"It’s humbling to me to know that this many people care about what we’re doing," he said, through tears.

Before Rachel Rudder came to the Coronado project, she lived out of her car with her kids.

"I was suicidal, depressed, not very happy at all, I didn’t take very good care of myself," Rudder said. "I was just trying to feed my kids more than anything but they need a mom too so I had to get myself put back together."

Kassey Sexton was the one she met when she came here.

Kassey is the property manager but she helped Rachel transform her life in a deeper way.

"I do what I do personally because I’ve been on my own since I was 14,” Kassey said. “I’ve been homeless 90% of my life."

When Kassey met Frank, he says the difficulties life had put her through were incredible. Now, she is there for the Coronado Project residents because she knows where they have come from.

"When I needed somebody there, I never had it and I want to be that person for when they need somebody," she said. "I don’t help them with their lives, I live their lives with them."

Rachel is Kassey’s right hand woman now, she helps manage the property and has found fulfillment and purpose in giving back.

"I want to be able to help people and see people like me become a success and get out of addiction, out of poverty, out of anything that they struggle with,” Rudder said. “I was an addict, depressed and low and now it’s just like I can’t wipe a smile off my face if I wanted to."

A smile now full of sunshine and that joy was spread all over the community today.

T.J. Patterson and his family own the Mary and Mac School building, and he could barely contain his excitement.

"I wish I could run, I’d run around the block if I could I can’t do it right now but thank God," T.J. said. "I just thank God for this day."

They will provide summer lunches to community children in the building, have a library, and a fenced in playground which will provide a safe place for the children to go during the summer.

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